trading education scams

Trading education scams 

The culprits may be debunking with rebuttals about their scams  on forum discussions.

educators scammers mentors teachers


These culprits don't trade for a living; they may be operating some scam on forums and Internet sites. They post journals with hindsight technical analysis; hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially in a industry where 95 % can't be successful. Teaching in hindsight is very easy   , for those who can’t trade and  make money from trading. These journal writers are singing about technical set ups after the event , they don't  give a taste of any live trades called in advance ,proof is always in the pudding .They all hide their losses , if these trades are losers.

How to spot the scammers?

1)They post hindsight set ups and results  , after the event .There is no evidence it can be traded  for consistent profit by another person .The method to generate real trading profit is nonexistent and  is not disclosed.

2) They only sing about technical set ups, they never post proof of success or live trades in progress. All this is similar to dumb singing, and without any proof of pudding/profitable trading is useless.Just singing does not make money .

At least with a street musician you can see the proof

3) They offer an education service at a price, there is no proof they make any money from trading or the education they provide makes any money

4) They have stooges and subordinates posting claims on forums of their talents, but no real evidence from the culprits.

5) They are seen on internet sites and trading forums, peddling their information.

6) They make all sorts of fictitious profit claims after the event. They actually never traded the instrument or made any real money.


7)Some scammers write books to sell education.They claim on forums ,they are bank traders or professional traders.

8)The  scammers make rebuttals and debunk trading psychology.A mentor scammer   does not want to tell his clients , that despite having a profitable method , he is likely to fail due to psychology.

9)Education scammers post fake reviews on forums and internet sites
Con artist mentors go onto several forums, from the well-known forums, and post there, under their own name and under various other names and various other characters. You build this whole network of characters who talk about your educational courses and sometimes have conversations with yourself. And then you've got enough fans.

Forum scammer admitted to creating accounts on forums under assumed names in order to "create a buzz" about his own course. He also promotes and reviews his work using at least one pseudonymous Twitter account.

Forum scammer manages to get moderators to ban members who catch him, complain about him and start discussions on his scam.


Disclaimer:Mr Charts is a trader , he is not a scammer .He only sells education  on books or  courses.

two traders who post on trade2win. Mr charts and Naz. They make a ridiculous amount of points each and every day.unbelievable!

10) Do a Google search on these scammers?

The Stock Trading Guru Scam

buy education on forums

Good thread on traders laboratory about why buy trading education. Entertainment about idiots and donkeys who sell education.

Trading psychology best threads youtube videos

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